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† Happy!!!

This week has been great for me~ I have't done much this week
well, so i thought
i've gone through 4 test and 2 quizes
and currently doing 2 more projects due next week~

At least the sun is shining~
Wore my sandles today!
Watched my vampire knight anime and manga~

Today i just feel blessed!
Feels like SUMMER TIME!! hahaa~

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I update almost everyday ^^


Mood: Athletic

I choose this song because its winter and its mostly slow and memorizing song
so i choose this one for a lil. upbeat to get everyone ready for school

I love Feb. Because it's Kame's birthday
and theirs lots of wonderful things that happen in Feb.
And it's the time of year when love fills the air

Badminton Season uh huh! That's right
I'm ready to kick ass this year! w00t

but than again..it's the time of year when school gets busy half way
lots of midterms and test
term 2 cut off
The time of month where you really just to keep concentrated on your work
and i have chinese challenge exam
I hope i pass that!
haha...my chinese sucks so bad
Just wanna pass and get marks for it

Also have lots of japanese ex-change meeting
getting ready to put together the assembly!
Everyone just hang in their!


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Ya-Ya-Yah Erased

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Mood: Ya-Ya-Yah Forever in my heart, Sayonara YYY, Last Cheer

They were once a lively member made up of four young energetic boys.
Kota Yabu, Taiyo Ayukawa, Shoon Yamashita, and Hikaru Yaotome.
They’ve went through hard and great times over six years
Standing their ground moving their way up the ladder of the Johnny’s Entertainment, hoping one day they’ll debut successfully just like all the other sempais they’ve worked through.
They dominated the young juniors who’ve just entered J.E but acting as a sempai themselves, they get through Shounen Club together and other activates
But six days before they debut Johnny has spilt them apart, pulling the more attention attractors Yabu and Hikaru into a new group called Hey! Say! JUMP!
Their part of the Hey! Say! Best! Do not be confused by the former Hey! Say! 7.
the temporary group on Ryosuke Yamada Yuto Nakajima, Yuuri Chinen, Yuya Takak and Daiki Arioka.
They released a single called Hey! Say! Seven for a new anime that has just released.
But now the name has been recycled and reused for the new sub group consisting:
Yamada, Yuto Nakajima, Yuuri Chinen, Ryutaro Morimoto, and Keito Okarmoto.
They are to be the host for the 2007 girls volleyball championship national wide

This Hey! Say! Jump! is mostly consisted of two former sub groups, Ya-Ya-Yah and JJE Express
But now spilting the two groups up picking out the most fame is truly un fair for those who’ve worked hard within the past groups.
Now Johnny ditching them aside and not caring about the members, has left them confused and hurt, wondering if they should now while their ahead, but be like Toma who’ve should’ve debuted long ago, but still hasn’t after all these year.
Hope the wondering rest of the members are able to find a new path and continue their education and fit society to where they belong.

Ya-Ya-Yah Memories
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Kai x's 2

Tired [出逢いのチカラII - AAA]

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Mood: [Sticking together, batteling againist myself, teamwork]

I'm so tired after coming back from the gym at sungod.
I wanted the person to come today! but he didn't it was really dissapointing.
For some reason, i play so little now, but i get tired so easily,
ive also been brushing up on my back hand badminton skills.
Not to mention my percentage of getting the basketball into the night is higher now!
before it was like ZERO! and now its like 30! so big improvement there!

My face is all nasty again, after it got better, it got worse, argh! sucks.
I have work tomorrow =[ so tired, so much homework, gotta study!
Quiz tomorrow and CHEM! god how i hate chem, i also need to get my math done!
aaah!!! no no no!

This sucks.....i think i have chapter test on math on Wed. I'm so screwed for that as well.
=[ why can't i be good in anything =[
I was only good in P.E xD and SS, and now im doing poorly in SS.

I thought it was gonna rain today, but it didn't!
so that was good!
but autumn has really come =[ even though it was sunny the morning was freezing!

Music of the day
出逢いのチカラII - AAA

Kai x's 2

Sep. 18th, 2007

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Mood [ OMG!, nutty,need love]

I couldn't find the homework which i done on sunday night having to hand in on monday, i told the teacher i finished it but i just missplaed it, he told me to hand it in, i didnt know whether it was yesterday; tuesday or wed tomorrow.
But i just finished it couple mins ago.

As the rain came down heavily in second block, my mind drifted away from my Japanese class.
Everyone was doing their work, trying to translate each English sentence to Japanese on the over head, I on the other hand was staring outside the window.
I watched the rain came down heavily from the sky, and was pounding so hard on the rooftops, I realized it was almost in the same beat as my heart pounding.
But soon after the rain stopped, the clouds cleared way for the sun to shine for a moment and soon started its heavy showers during the end of the block.
I was doing my math quiz this time, as I hear the sound of the rain I couldn’t concentrate, I couldn’t find the parabola, I got pissed off, I wrote an big X across the paper, and I quickly erased it.
The teacher had noticed me looking out at the window for a while, and said to me, “Amy the rain will go away, the sky will clear up if you concentrate on this math test and the lesson im going to instruct next.”
I listened to what she said, even though I didn’t believe it’d happen. But it soon did.
As she was in the middle of a lesson the rain got lighter and the sun pushed away the heavy clouds and the sun came shinning down on the surface of the grounds again.
I couldn’t wait to get outside.

I thought, is this rain like my heart? ?
Sometimes it’ll be pounding really hard as I see Mr. D but as soon he disappears from my mind and thoughts for a sec my heart beats regularly to catch its breath after all that fast beating motion.
But as soon as something reminded me of him, my heart will again pound so hard sometimes giving me chest times, zoning out, and go into my inner thoughts and going into daydream.
But, I haven’t had that feeling for a while now, not since I entered grade 11, not ever once walking down those halls.
I’ve slowly forgotten about him, was this meant to be?
Should I actually try to fit myself into society along the rest of the people?
Still utterly confused.

Kai x's 2

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Mr. D What should i do?

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Mood [depressed, deep thoughts, alone]

Tell me what i should do.
Walking down these lonely halls, today, i thought i saw you as i turned to the corner of the stairs.
I thought i saw you. But with another blink you were gone.
I still have the images of you walking down each hall ways, going up each stairs.
I keep thinking your still within the school.

But as i walked ontop of the stairs case today to my psychology class, i finally came to the truth, you weren't here, and your not coming back.
The rest of my years of highschool feels so lonely and empty.
As just I who walk down those halls not looking forward to anything.
Not knowing whats going to come up in every corner.

I use to pray you'd be in that corner once i turn over.
You'll be in the next wall way i pass.
You'll be sitting in that table at the library.
You'll be talking to your friends walking down the same hall as I.

But we'll never walk down the same halls again, not now not ever.
I feel depressed, why didn't i take some actions when we were walking down these halls 3 years, 2 years, and even last year.
Why must've i been so scared and being such a coward.

I don't want the rest highschool life to be like this.

As my heart never raced again like i use to.
THe rush of blood gushing towards my face and brain.
The excitement of seeing you or knowing your presence is around me.
Must i sigh and truly forget about you?

Kai x's 2

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Mood: [Confidence]

Once again Kame remains undefeated along with Koda Kumi for 2007 best jeanist awards slected from Japan citizens.

1 亀梨 和也 (KAT-TUN) 36,167
2 氷川 きよし 33,924
3 赤西 仁 (KAT-TUN) 28,449
4 相葉 雅紀(嵐) 3,186
5 堂本 剛 (Kinki Kids) 3,129
6 山下 智久(NEWS) 2,935
7 堂本 光一 (Kinki Kids) 2,663
8 岩沢 厚治 (ゆず) 1,870
9 松本 潤(嵐) 1,762
10 速水 もこみち 696


1 倖田 來未 15,883
2 aiko 8,945
3 ベッキー 6,499
4 安室 奈美恵 4,536
5 大塚 愛 4,231
6 上戸 彩 4,228
7 長澤 まさみ 4,051
8 土屋 アンナ 2,014
9 沢尻 エリカ 1,966
10 YUI 1,963

Surprised that YUI had made it to the top 10!


i hurt my neck, today is day too, and im still in hutter pain!
i guess it cant be helped.
but i am able to turn my head to the right today, so, im making progress.

Hope it'll be even more better tomorrow,

or even better, enough for Sat. that i can work O__o !!!

Kai x's 2

Toma Icon from comunity of LJ for Toma, forgot which one, gomen.

Made Made Dane

 I'm so tired today from work.
They wouldnt let me off the hook until i mopped the whole store and sweep the outside area of our store.
Work is quite tirning if your working long hours and after 5 hrs only you get a 30 mins break.
And your not allowed to sit.

If the managers and the boss are in the bad mood, than your day turns into a nightmare.
And it rainned today, the weather looked really bad this morning, and during the afternoon it clearned up, but around 3 it turned bright sunny
i was really glad because i didnt bring a jacket or umbrella when i left my house this morning.
So i guess i was saved again.

I guess when your doing cashier work and when you have no custumers its extremely boring, but i guess with the luck of the store needing to do so much packaeing i was saved.
but than when your til #2 and 3 u get to watch the fox channel up near the celling!
While till #1 where i stand, i get to stare at the clock and a big video camera straight at my face.
I tried my best trying not to make any silly faces at it.
Afraid the managers inside the "the room" might stare at me and decide to fire me lol.

All and all school is started in 4 days, as a new school season starts, a nwe adventures awaits me at school again.
I know this year will be hard, hetic, wild, i know i'll be shedding some tears, throwing some temper problems, laughing like an insane person, and smiling like an weirdo.
And crying like theres no tomorrow.

Everyone entering Seaquam good luck and i'll see you than.

New LJ

As many people who dont me i was KaiKaisK in LJ

I've changed because its since forever since i used that account
and i forgot passwork and e-mail
so its like blah

so i've made a new one!
I'll be posting many stuff here!

Everyone comment often and give me guidence!
thanks a lot.

I'm Hitomi just turned 16 on Aug 23
I love KAT-TUN and lots of the J.E's and Jr's as well
I love Japanese drama currently watching Hana Kimi!

I love sports as well, such as badminton and tennis
i like to read law books since i want to be a lawyer
i love to sleep as well, got to have my sleep or Hitomi will be cranky

hitomi was a name given by my 2nd brother, he hasn't told me the meaning yet

and chibisuke short for Chibi was given from my eldest brother since he likes to pick on me. =X

Yoroshiku everyone!

anyways i went to A.X today which is Armani Exchange and i think i fell in love with it.  i bought two t-shirts there.

Anyways be sure to check out my other blog, www.wretch.cc/blog/kaikai23  thanks everyone!!!